About The Eno


The flow of history travels as slowly sometimes as the Boise River does in the fall and most of the time, we don’t even realize how history and mankind has marked the landscape until it’s time to make a new mark on it.

Such is The Eno by ZEC. Named after Larry Eno, who worked with Dallas Harris for over 50 years. The Eno puts a new mark on the landscape out at Harris Ranch.

The Harris Ranch community and master plan has defined what a well-planned community can and should be. ZEC, working in close cooperation with the developers of Harris Ranch, has built a property that is meant to honor the history of Harris Ranch and Dallas Harris’s commitment to preserving and conserving the wildlife in this pristine area.

About The Eno in Harris Ranch

But The Eno does more than that. It’s also meant to honor Larry Eno, a man who spent most of his life dedicated to the cause the Dallas Harris loved so much: That is preserving the beauty of the land in the Barber Valley.

Like many of the lofts for sale in Boise, The Eno homes are built from the finest materials. Inside the condos, residents luxuriate in spaces that feature LVP floors, tile floors in bathrooms, Bosch appliances, quartz countertops, and the contemporary designs that ZEC is known for.

Outside, lush greenery and white flowers surround the building. Inside are cozy residences, with studios, one-, two-, and three-bedroom loft-style homes up for sale.

From a seat at the fire pit on the rooftop patio, Eno residents can catch glimpses of the surrounding foothills. Of water fowl in flight over their beloved Boise River. Of winter turning to spring turning to summer turning to fall and back again.

A Wildlife Playground in Boise’s Backyard

Over the years, Dallas Harris (and those who worked with him in the Barber Valley) witnessed this turn of the seasons over and over again.

It’s the same turn-of-the-seasons, but a very different landscape that the residents of The Eno now see. In 1950, when Dallas Harris purchased his Barber-Valley sawmill, the homes that would eventually make up the Harris Ranch area, didn’t exist at all.

Instead, long grasses covered the land. Places along the river, where Dallas Harris likely tamed cattle and rode horses, now have stunning greenbelt. It welcomes cyclists from The Eno and other surrounding properties to enjoy the beauty of the land that Dallas Harris wanted to preserve all those years ago.

Although almost 70 years have passed since the Harris family resided here, the same respect and appreciation for the beauty of Barber Valley still linger on. Just a stone’s throw away from the old Harris residence - now called “Felicia’s Ruins” by historians - Eno residents can take in a night of the plays by the Bard at the Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

Or they can load up their bikes and take a ride up to Lucky Peak and go for a swim at Sandy Point.

The lofts at The Eno gives the residents within its walls access to all of the best things about the Harris Ranch lifestyle, but without the obligations that typically come with other types of living.

Indoor and Outdoor Amenities Abound

Eno residents don’t have the maintenance that other kinds of properties require, which leaves them more time to connect with friends at the nearby pool or on the rooftop patio or in the clubhouse, which is just off the patio.

The scent of the air here is a mixture of the breezes from the river, spring flowers, and little bit of barbecue on the 4th of July. Because conservation was one of Dallas Harris’s great passions, great pains have been taken to keep this area beautiful and safe for both the native wildlife and the people who feel privileged to be living so near them.

And if it’s more privacy they’d like, then Eno residents can invite family and friends over to their homes, where they can take in the views from their own personal balconies.

The open floor plans, like the open plains that Dallas Harris once enjoyed, invite conversations about the beauty of the past and the optimism of the future.

Dallas Harris had a dream for the Barber Valley and The Eno is the latest representation of that dream. It arose from Harris’s vision and from the beauty of the landscapes of the Barber Valley. Today, the residents of The Eno and other Harris Ranch properties are heirs to that vision and keepers of the beauty that surrounds them.